About Eva


International Tribal bellydancer and choreographer, Eva is over 16 years dedicated to teaching Bellydance, especialized in Tribal Fusion and Indian Tribal Fusion in Spain and abroad.

She started studying classical ballet from age 6 until 12. Then continue training modern ballet and flamenco and also introduced in ballroom competitions. When she was 19 she started practicing yoga, discovered Bellydancing and Indian dances. Then awakened a deep interest about Eastern, Arabic and Asian culture.

To understand and know the culture and Arab dances she traveled to Turkey, Egypt and Morocco repeatedly. Eva considers dance a universal language, the sublime language of the soul, in which the various forms of dance and body language are connected. Also loves Asian culture and has traveled to India, Thailand and Japan to understand the influences and fusions between different styles as well as their impact on the West. His love of belly dancing and passion for Indian and Asian dance traditions, led her to specialize in Tribal Fusion and Indian-Tribal Fusion styles.

She has been invited for teaching workshop and performing at many festivals in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2013 she developed her “Certified Tribal Orchids Project” with Eva Sampedro in Tokyo and in Seoul (South Korea) during her “Asian Tour 2013”. In 2014 she was given the National Award for Best Tribal Dancer in Spain by “La Torre de la Odalisca”.

In the last years, she teachs and performs in Roma, Cervia, Torino & Tarento (Italy), Nantes, Rennes, Lourdes & Aix-En-Provence (France), Nuremberg (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Warsaw (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey), Hong Kong (China), Lima (Peru), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and in different cities of Spain.

“It is recognized her scenic elegance and magnetism. Subtlety and precision in her serene isolations and muscle control, as strenght and energy in her classes and performances” (El Periódico, spanish newspaper).

As a choreographer has directed many shows, where the artistic quality of bellydance, tribal fusion virtuosity, beauty of Indian dance and Bollywood are appreciated. Her productions always include veils, swords, Isis wings or fan veils. She has contributed to numerous cultural events, interviews on radio and television.

Eva_Tribal_05_1She is certified as Power & Vinyasa Yoga teacher and Yoga Coach by European Institute of Yoga (IEY). Thanks to her yoga practice for 18 years, she tries to apply in dance a good base of body placement, healthy back, pelvic floor, body awareness, muscle and breathing control, in order to make the body a vehicle for the dance, not an obstacle.  She always says "Understand your body, don't fight against. Learn to drive your energy and your breathing and you'll change yourself, you'll change the way you dance".

Since 2005 she directs her own Oriental & Tribal Dance Studio in Zaragoza (Spain) with more than 400m2 and keeps training professional bellydancers from Spain and abroad. Her school in Zaragoza, is one of the biggest in Spain, and also travels giving workshops and performing in many countries.

His commitment as an international teacher is to help the students to feel better through dance, to put Tribal Bellydance in good place and to teach to love what you do.

So still learning Odissi Indian dance and investigating the influences in Tribal and Bellydance. Also, continue practicing and instructing in Power & Vinyasa Yoga.